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Hand pulled vs Knife Peeled Noodles: Village Voice

If someone plopped down two steaming bowls of noodle soup and asked you which was knife-peeled and which was hand-pulled, what would you do? What if they said your life depended on correctly identifying which is which?

You would panic. Then you would wish you had barged into the kitchen and demanded to watch the chef’s every move while they were being made. For the knife-peeled noodles, you would’ve seen the chef shaving thin sheets of dough off of a giant log, kind of like pulling off slivers of the world’s largest string cheese with a knife.

If they were hand-pulled, you would have been mesmerized by the chef’s twisting and swinging of noodles around like a jump rope, occasionally slapping them against the counter in a way that may remind you of a really unfortunate deep tissue massage you once had.

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3 comments on “Hand pulled vs Knife Peeled Noodles: Village Voice

  1. irishkatie
    July 16, 2012

    Ohh, I once saw someone hand making noodles in a Chinese restaurant I was eating at. Oh. My. God. How do they do that!!! What is a log of dough, split and folded … split and folded. Then all of a sudden there are hundreds of strands of noodles. It was incredible!

  2. irishkatie
    July 17, 2012

    Nods it is. I watched the youtube video you listed…thank you *S*.

    And it was good to see and hear the explanation of what is happening and how the noodles are actually separated. It always just seems that all of a sudden…there are a few dozen strands that suddenly show! (And omg te veggies in that soup make my mouth water!)

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